Electric vehicle

Inexpensive to operate and service, zero emissions

Our vehicle concept

All preconceptions are over. Even municipal services can make a city look good. Enviel vehicles are multifunctional models for year-round use in managing parks, landscaping, working at construction sites or managing production areas.

They are environmentally friendly and electrical, making them sustainable utility vehicles that are not only easy on the infrastructure, but on the residents, too.

Every step toward a healthier planet is important not only for us, but for our children and future generations. Enviel features quiet, emission-free operation, low cost, versatile year-round use, ergonomic user comfort, and a range of premium functions to make work even more efficient.

Why choose Enviel?

Eco-friendly operation

Low operating and service cost

Range up to 400 km

Standardized accessories

Year-round use

Battery charge that lasts a workday

Smart city ready

Excellent user comfort

Technical parameters

total weight (t)

performance power (kW)

maximum speed (km/h)

maximum range (km)


Cataphoretically painted frame


Three-seat cab with anti-corrosion protection and cataphoretic paint


IVECO quality axles


Transmission with speed reduction


Cruise control


Each axle has its own differential, the rear with a lock


4-wheel drive (with option to unlink front axle)


Independent heating in the cab


Electrical recovery when braking


Battery capacity 45 to 90 kWh


Load capacity 1500 kg


Power steering, ABS


Remote access for vehicle diagnosis


Joystick to control hydraulic circuits in the cab


Integrated charger compatible with ČEZ Wallbox


Universal 230 V socket for drawing up to 5 kW


The vehicle can be connected to further extensions, such as a flatbed, a three-sided tipper, a snow plough, a spreader, a sprinkler, a tank extension and a lift bed. The hitch is identical to those on Multicar, Alficar, Zebra and others, so you can use your existing accessories.


Three-sided tipper

Snow plough



Lift bed


Smart city ready

Imagine intelligent rubbish bins running on solar energy, buildings that take care of themselves, public lighting that goes on only when you’re nearby, and ubiquitous electromobility. Imagine you live in a Smart City where modern technology sensibly sees to our health and that of our planet.

The more residents, the greater demands on our fragile ecosystem. The Smart City concept brings to life the principles of sustainable development with a vision of interconnectedness and harmonization.

Going for grants

A clean environment, and the electromobility that comes with it, have the full support of the environmental ministry. Thanks to state grants for low or zero emissions, you can get an Enviel for a fraction of the sticker price. The grant covers both purchase of the vehicle and charging station, and reimbursement for an operating lease.

Electromobility development

We first encountered utility vehicles in 2007, when we took part in successful resumption of production of the MAGMA Alficar small municipal vehicle and its homologation for operation on public roads (including certification for using motors in emission class EURO V). We survived that baptism of fire, but the flame still burns within us. We looked for a way to use the knowledge we gained as ecologically as possible.

The idea for a fully electronically driven vehicle developed a couple years later, as a reaction to the ever more complicated and expensive systems of exhaust treatment. The first big obstacle was lurking right at the beginning. The batteries of the time weren’t worth much. Luckily, these technologies rapidly developed, and we got a new boost from growing state and EU support.

And then things gained momentum. Our vision was made a reality by certified designers at the Vehicles Creators Group, s.r.o., which also did the cab prototype. From the beginning, we tried to create a multi-platform usable for still other vehicle lines.

Economic return

Vehicle with diesel engine


ENVIEL with 30% subsidy


2 400 000 Kč

3 000 000 Kč

2 100 000 Kč

Electrical consumption (kWh/km)



Price of electricity (CZK/kW)

1,70 Kč

1,70 Kč

Annual electrical consumption (CZK/year)

15 300 Kč

15 300 Kč

City fuel consumption (l/100 km)


Fuel price (CZK/l)

30 Kč

Annual fuel consumption (CZK/year)

180 000 Kč

Cost of 5 years of operation

Kilometers per year

30 000

30 000

30 000

Mandatory insurance

32 000 Kč

11 000 Kč

11 000 Kč

Road tax

15 000 Kč

Total cost of fuel/elec. energy

900 000 Kč

76 500 Kč

76 500 Kč

Maintenance cost

100 000 Kč

10 000 Kč

10 000 Kč

Total operating cost

1 047 000 Kč

97 500 Kč

97 500 Kč

Cost per km

6,98 Kč

0,65 Kč

0,65 Kč

Cost per km including purchase price

22,98 Kč

20,65 Kč

14,65 Kč

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